Evernote for Mac puts shortcuts on the Touch Bar

The laptop version gets a few of the mobile app's touch-friendly functions.


When we reviewed the latest MacBook Pro after it came out last November, we found its brand-new Touch Bar feature to be useful, if unasked-for. But even as a peripheral appeared to give users the full touchscreen they really wanted, software mainstays like Office and Chrome have added support for the capacitative strip in the last few months. Evernote is the latest to integrate the Touch Bar into its MacBook edition, adding a handful of controls that mimic those found in its smartphone app.

Evernote's Touch Bar controls are arranged in three sets. Default shows the navigational and "new post" shortcut buttons along with a carousel of tags users can swipe through. Notes includes emojis, formatting options and a hue slider to change color. Finally, Annotations has markup options like text boxes, cropping and, well, annotations. You can't customize the Touch Bar settings, but at least it carries over some of the best quick-access features from Evernote's mobile device versions.