ICYMI: The story of Microsoft's Solitaire and volleyball-blocking robots

How the world's biggest time waster was created.

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Way back in 1988, Wes Cherry was a Microsoft intern and during his time at the company he created the biggest time waster the world has ever known: The Solitaire computer game. Cherry built the game out of boredom instead of being directed by his superiors. But he bosses -- including CEO and founder Bill Gates -- liked the game so much they added it to Windows in 1990. Since then, Cherry has made exactly zero dollars on his creation. And you thought your internship was bad.

Meanwhile in Japan, the national volleyball team is using a robot to block its spikes. Called the "blocking machine," three-torsos with arms move back a forth on a rail and "leap" up to block the ball. The system is meant to help the team test out their spike shots against different types of defender formations. Currently the team coaches are looking to add motion sensors for more lifelike and unpredictable training sessions.

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