Sprint and The Onion have a video series no one asked for

Get ready to find out more about 'The Paul Effect.'


Seeing the former Verizon pitch man (who's named Paul) shilling for Sprint was a bit weird. Sprint seems to know this and has capitalized on it with a partnership with The Onion's creative services team, Onion Labs. Together they produced a series of six tongue-in-cheek news magazine videos covering everything from Paul fan clubs to elementary school kids performing plays about opening their Sprint bill.

They're not as good as The Onion proper's satirical videos, though. And that's mostly because despite the production values and cheesiness, it's hard to get past the fact that you're being advertised to by a company that recently killed its plan for cutting your bill in half and was raked over the coals for over-billing customers by "tens of millions" of dollars.