'Mystery Science Theater 3000' playfully skewers 'Stranger Things'

Critics from the cult comedy show take pot shots at last year’s Netflix phenomenon. 

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If you've been excited about the reboot of Mystery Science Theater 3000, you aren't alone: To celebrate the new season's debut yesterday, Netflix let the show's wisecracking trio take aim at its own hit series from last year, Stranger Things. While the video is sadly only a few minutes, it packs in all the observational comedy you've missed from your favorite damned-to-watch critical crew of Joel, Crow and Tom Servo.

Slapping around an 80s-throwback show is a great fit for MST3K, which started in 1988 on Comedy Central. It was cancelled and brought back on the Sci-Fi Channel before getting the final axe in 1999. But a crowdsourced revival in 2015 brought the series back on pop culture's radar at the perfect time for content-hungry streaming sources to plant some nostalgia in front of viewers.

Accordingly, Netflix snatched it up last July, and the new season, titled Mystery Science Theater: The Return, is live on Netflix. Just don't expect more riffs on modern popular films or series: The revival has stuck to its roots to pillory bad, bad movies from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

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