Google Maps brings your destination history to iOS

Better late than never? 

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As a competitor to Apple Maps, Google Maps does a pretty great job on iOS. Of course, it helps that Google started mapping long before Apple's offering drove people onto airport runways. If you're one of the millions of people relying on Google's mapping expertise, you can see all of your past Maps destinations in a list called Your Timeline. This marks the first time iOS users can access the feature, one that Android and desktop users have had for years.

You can get to your timeline pretty easily, both from the cards of places you've been as well as through the Google Maps menu. The place cards will now show you the dates of your previous visits, though this information is only visible to you. You can also get a monthly email from Google Maps, reminding you of all the cool places you've been. Of course, if you only hit the convenience store, fast food joints and the laundromat, this feature might be less than useful. If so, you can toggle it off in preferences.

Google has kept track of your whereabouts for a while now, so surfacing the data for users seems like a no-brainer. Ultimately, whether you use Your Timeline to remember your vacation or how to find the last Burger King you went to, the feature will now work for you on iOS, too.

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