The $300 PlayStation 4 Slim bulks up with a 1TB hard drive

At this point, though, it's probably better to buy a PS4 Pro for an extra $100.

Timothy J. Seppala/Engadget

Sure, it's simple enough to swap out the standard 500 GB hard drive in your PlayStation 4 for a bigger one, but sometimes you just don't want to go through the hassle. Well, thanks to the PS4 Slim being packed with a 1 TB drive as standard equipment now, that shouldn't be an issue in the future. Amazon is already cutting prices on the 500GB models (from $300 to around $250), and the 1TB flavor rocks a $300 MSRP. A 1TB PS4 Pro is still $400, however, and depending on your situation, might be the better buy at this point.

Of course, Sony is playing catch-up here. Microsoft has offered a 1TB model of its Xbox One S since last year. The thing is, a 1TB Xbox One S' price varies wildly depending on what game is packed in. So at least Sony has simplicity going for it in this case.