IllumiBowl's latest toilet light also kills germs

It's the sanitizing toilet night light you never knew you wanted.

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IllumiBowl's motion-activated, multi-color toilet night light may have seemed like a silly idea when it first launched, but don't laugh -- it's a practical solution if you'd rather not flick on the regular bathroom light (and momentarily blind yourself) just to do your business. And it appears that enough people bought into the concept to warrant a sequel. The company is crowdfunding a second-generation IllumiBowl light that adds anti-germ cleaning to the mix. The new gadget includes a diode whose "highly focused" non-ultraviolet light kills bacteria without hurting humans. This doesn't mean that your toilet will suddenly be sterile, but it may set your mind at ease in between bowl scrubbing sessions.

The new design also touts twice the battery life by moving from AAA to AA batteries, and it sports a slightly slicker design that looks more at home next to your porcelain throne. As it stands, the $10 backing price (half off the retail cost) is low enough that it might be worth a look. The project is already fully funded as of this writing, so you should get your "aim here" lighting as soon as July.

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