Livestream's Mevo camera can broadcast to YouTube Live

You can even do it in 1080p.

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Last year, Livestream's Mevo became the first camera with integrated Facebook Live streaming. Now the video streaming platform is giving its device a few more major upgrades, including support for Android and YouTube Live. The camera can now broadcast to four platforms: its creator's website (Livestream), Facebook Live, Periscope and YouTube Live. Plus, it can do so in 1080p, something it wasn't capable of, since it used to be locked to 720p. So long as you upgrade its software and get the latest version of its iOS app or its new Android app, you can also use it to record 4K videos.

Mevo's Android app and updated iOS app with all these new features are still in beta, and they won't be making their way to iTunes and Google Play until sometime this summer. You can, however, get them right now through Mevo's support center. The camera will still set you back $399, which can be a bit too pricey if you just do personal broadcasts, but its bundle for pros costs $100 less for a limited time.

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