Amazon's latest Dash button orders you fresh undies

High fashion meets low motivation with the Calvin Klein button.

Bobby Yip / Reuters

Living in an apartment without an in-unit washer and dryer means that occasionally you go to great lengths to avoid carrying all your dirty clothes to the basement's laundry room. Every now and then that entails saving time ahead of a date or trip (but not necessarily money) by buying new underwear instead of washing what you already have. Amazon is making that slovenly life a little more stylish and easier by offering a slew of new Dash buttons, including one for Calvin Klein undies. That's right: One press is all it takes to get a fresh pack of Calvins delivered straight to your door.

Other new one-press shopping-widgets include AMP Energy, Lactaid, Listerine, Mountain Dew, Tropicana and, just in time for allergy season, Zyrtec. Amazon says that the Dash buttons have become pretty popular too, and that today's addition brings us up to some 300 of the branded items in the retailer's stable.

"Just a year ago, orders via Dash Button were occurring more than once a minute, now that rate has increased to more than 4x a minute," Amazon said a statement. For some items, like Folgers coffee grounds and Glad garbage bags, Amazon says "more than half" of their orders are made via Dash Button.

Now, depending on where you live, you'll still have to plan ahead a bit. If you have less than a few clean pair of drawers left in your, err, drawer and a busy social calendar, you might want to hit a local store if two-day Prime shipping is your only option. Or, you know, you could scrounge up a few bucks in quarters and actually do laundry. The choice is yours.