Amazon now has over 250 Dash Buttons for easy ordering

The online retailer added over 50 new brands today.

What I initially thought was an April Fool's joke now counts 250 different options to its name. I'm talking about Amazon's Dash Button and today the online retailer announced that the total number of one-touch ordering devices has hit the aforementioned tally. To get there, the company added 50 more of the re-ordering tools from brands like Seventh Generation, Colgate, Emergen-C, Kingsford, KY, Lifestyles, Rogaine and more. Just how popular are they? Amazon says some brands are receiving more than half of their orders from Dash Buttons.

If you're new to the whole Dash Button phenomenon, the tiny gadgets link to the Amazon app on your phone where you assign a product to each one. When you press the button, the mobile software asks you to confirm the order and you're all set. The only catch is you have to be a Prime member to employ the devices. Last week, Amazon revealed virtual Dash Buttons for online use. Both the physical and the virtual options are free, but you if you want one to stick around your house, you'll have to pay $5 up front that you get back when you place your first Dash order.