You're not too old to play with Hot Wheels in 'Forza Horizon 3'

The popular die-cast toy cars are coming to the racing game on May 9th.

Microsoft Studios

The second Forza Horizon 3 expansion is coming out soon and it's bringing a big dose of childhood nostalgia along with it. Hot Wheels and their iconic bright orange tracks arrive on May 9th as part of the Forza Horizon 3 Expansion Pass or as standalone DLC for $19.99.

Forza Horizon 3 Hot Wheels adds ten new cars to the game, including some of toy brands more famous models like Twin Mill, Boneshaker and Rip Rod. It also has a brand-new campaign set in Australia, where players can complete events and work their way towards the ultimate stunt-driving test: the massive new Hot Wheels Goliath circuit. For creative types, there's an editing feature called Stunt Swap that lets you modify track sections. And, of course, the Hot Wheels tracks are available in online multiplayer, along with a brand-new Playground Arena.

Forza isn't the first game to cash in on Hot Wheels nostalgia. GTA Online added Hot Wheels-style tracks in its Cunning Stunts expansion last year. Vehicular soccer game Rocket League added two classic Hot Wheels models as DLC earlier this year, and it's coming out with its own line of collectible, real-life pull-back cars later this Spring.