'GTA Online' update turns the game into 'Trackmania'

GTA meets Hot Wheels.

Bummed that Criterion's Burnout followup got canned? Rockstar Games has your back with Cunning Stunts, a free expansion to Grand Theft Auto Online that adds a new dimension to racing in the open world game.

Cunning Stunts, apart from evoking a decades-old wordplay that wasn't that funny to begin with, will blend Burnout''s high-speed racing and stunts with Hot Wheels-like (or Trackmania-like, if you want a video game reference) courses. Racing has always existed in GTA Online, but in this mode, "vehicles tear upside-down through loops and tubes, launch off ramps with extra propulsion from speed strips, diverge and merge across multiple pathways, and speed through gigantic rings of fire in death-defying new Races," explained Rockstar.

Along with the fresh courses, the expansion will add numerous new vehicles, including super cars, sports cars and motorbikes. It'll launch next Tuesday, July 12th, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (older consoles are not supported).