Samsung's auto-reply app fights distracted driving

Seriously, though, why are we all still texting in the car?

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Let's be honest: too many of us are using our phones while driving. It's a problem and it's dangerous, but we do it anyway. Samsung knows this and has come up with a new app cleverly named In-Traffic Reply to help. The app, currently in beta, aims to keep you safe while allowing you to answer messages you get while you're behind the wheel.

In-Traffic Reply will use your smartphone's sensors to detect when you're in a car (or on a bike). It will then send an automatic response to calls and texts. You can choose the message sent out, too, from three options: the default "I'm driving, so I cannot answer at the moment," a "fun, animated response," or a custom reply of your own making.

If you're looking to block texts in the car now, you can check out T-Mobile's subscription-based DriveSmart Plus service and AT&T's free DriveMode. Auto maker Mitsubishi and wireless provider Sprint (way back in 2011) have also explored solutions to the problem. Apple has provided custom replies for a while, but they still require you to look at your phone.

The final version of Samsung's anti-distracted driving app should arrive mid-May in the Google Play Store. Here's hoping it prevents more car crashes due to texting while driving.

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