B&O puts its smallest speaker in your pocket for $169

The Beoplay P2 looks more like an earbud case than it does a sound machine.

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Bang and Olufsen
Bang and Olufsen

What's next for high-end audio company Bang and Olufsen following last year's handheld BeoPlay A1 speaker? Making a smaller model, of course. The Beoplay P2 fits in the palm of your hand and perhaps more closely resembles an earbud case than it does a speaker. But maybe don't fret that sound quality diminished because the speaker's size did. Like the A1, the P2 blasts sound out in 360 degrees and it inherited a tweaked version of the mid-woofer from last year's model. 2016's sound carries forward in another way as well -- the P2 shares its 0.75-inch tweeter with the A1.

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Oh, and if you were a fan of the A1's leather strap and speakerphone capabilities, those return here as well. More than that, the P2 does away with all physical buttons; everything is controlled via the Beoplay App.

If you'd rather not pull your phone out to skip or pause a song every time, the P2's aluminum shell responds to touch as well. "With just a double tap or shake, you can play, pause and skip tracks, launch your favorite personal assistant [and] change sound profiles," the provided announcement says. Cool.

The smaller size comes at a smaller price, too. The P2 is available today and will set you back $169 (£149) versus the A1's $249.

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