Gboard on Android makes it easier to type and tweak your text

Phone too big to type one handed? You can also resize and reposition the updated Gboard.

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Mariella Moon
April 27, 2017 8:29 AM
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Google has made a few seemingly minor tweaks that could make Gboard on Android much easier to use. The keyboard now comes with a new text editing mode with arrow keys that you can use to quickly go to the part of your text that you want to edit or delete. You'll also find huge select, cut, copy and paste buttons right next to those keys, so you won't have to long press on the text box and to drag the text pointer around. You can access all these by pressing the G button and tapping the new text edit icon that looks like a "I" in between two pointers.

If selecting, cutting and copying text have never been an issue for you, you may find Gboard's other new feature more useful. You'll now be able to resize and reposition the keyboard for when you're typing with one hand on a big phone or for any other scenario when it's needed. Simply press G and then tap the triple-dot icon to see the option to choose one-handed mode. That's where you can customize your keyboard.

In addition to these two changes, Google has added support for 22 Indic languages. The Gboard team even worked with native speakers across India to get enough samples for the more obscure languages of the lot to train its machine learning models. As a result, you can not only type in any of those languages in their native script, but also in the English alphabet. The keyboard has transliteration support for all of them that can convert what you type on the QWERTY keyboard to their native script.

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