Chrome warns you when typing anything into non-secure sites

It will also remind you that any unencrypted website is "not secure" if you're in incognito mode.

hillaryfox via Getty Images

As part of Google's quest to compel all websites to use the more secure HTTPS protocol, Chrome 62 will flash more warnings when you visit HTTP sites. A few months ago, Chrome 56 (rightly) started labeling unencrypted sites as "not secure" right next to their URLs in the address line if they're asking for passwords and credit card details. As the Chrome Security Team's blog post said, though, passwords and credit card numbers aren't the only types of data worth protecting. That's why when Chrome 62 rolls out in October, you'll see the warning pop up whenever you type anything in an HTTP website.

If you're in incognito mode, you don't even have to type anything. Chrome will automatically assume you have a higher expectation of privacy, so it'll flag any HTTP site you visit. Since Google eventually plans to flag everything on the web that doesn't use encryption, you can expect to see Chrome issue the friendly reminder for more types of situations in future releases.