Samsung's latest app could help curb your kid's screen addiction

Marshmallow rewards kids for following usage limits they set themselves.

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Samsung has an idea for how to encourage kids to use their devices responsibly. With its Marshmallow app (not the outdated version of Android), kids earn points by following their self-set usage plan. With the application installed and running, kids are limited to using eight apps, parents can filter which apps are and aren't appropriate and they can set a bed time for the phone as well.

Beyond that, there are daily and weekly reports for how good a child has been at keeping with his or her usage plan. Staying within the guidelines nets kids "Marshmallow points" which can then be redeemed for gift cards to Amazon, Best Buy, Google Play and, as Android Police reports, Dunkin' Donuts. Because hey, youth obesity isn't a problem, amirite?

Should your children do a poor job at following their plan, they'll lose Marshmallow points. As you might expect, like other Samsung-developed apps, this is exclusive to its own devices. If you have anything in the recent Galaxy and Note families though, you should be good to go.

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