Kobo's latest waterproof e-reader is sized for poolside reading

The Aura H2O can survive the beach without straining your hands.


Kobo's Aura One e-reader was potentially the dream device for anyone who likes to read in the bath or at the beach, but it had some catches. Its big 7.8-inch screen didn't make it the most portable device around, and that $229 price could be off-putting if you just wanted to read a novel now and then. Enter the just-introduced Aura H2O -- the new e-reader is still as waterproof as the One, and shares the same smart lighting that reduces blue light at night (in theory, to help you sleep). Its 6.8-inch touchscreen is decidedly easier to hold during longer siestas, while the $180 price (£150 in the UK) might simplify your purchasing decision.

You won't find much of a revolution inside, but that's not entirely a bad thing. The 8GB of storage is enough to hold about 6,000 books, and you'll have Kobo staples like awards, stats and fine-grained control over fonts. You'll have to be slightly patient, as the Aura H2O launches in North America, the UK and several other markets on May 22nd. Look at it this way, though: Amazon still doesn't have a truly waterproof Kindle, so the wait could be worth it to get an e-reader that can survive a drop in the tub.

Kobo Aura H2O