ICYMI: A 'Back to the Future' jacket and the super-secret space shuttle returned

Finally, you can dress like it's 2015.

While manned shuttle missions ended back in 2011, the US government is still sending reusable spacecraft into orbit. This past weekend the X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle returned from its super-secret two year mission. Speculation about what the craft was doing up there all this time ranges from; testing autonomous navigation system to evaluating if the X-37B is suitable for surveillance.

Meanwhile back on earth, there's a kickstarter for a jacket inspired by Back to the Future. Based on the clothing Marty McFly wears in the future (which happened two years ago in 2015), the SDJ-02 coat drys itself off, can heat or cool its wearer, and has a battery pack and pockets for your tablet and smartphone. Sadly it doesn't have self-adjusting sleeves.

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