Slack predictably rejects a bot made for flirting at work

We're absolutely shocked by this development.

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Dating app Feeld released a Slack plug-in enabling coworkers to express mutual affection for each other, and a few days later, Slack has revealed it doesn't make the cut. Feeld founder Dimo Trifonov told The Atlantic he's been informed the app will not be listed in Slack's directory because of its developer policy, which says "We will remove Apps that we consider to be inappropriate for use in the workplace or that negatively impact the user experience on Slack. We reserve the right to remove or refuse any app that contains content that we believe violates the letter or spirit of these guidelines."

Despite the sudden popularity of messenger bots for all kinds of activities, this always seemed like a bad idea for the workplace. When you consider that it could only work if an administrator turned it on (note: it can still be installed, if you go through the step of downloading it from Feeld's website first), and opened the company up to potential responsibility for whatever might ensue, it seems doubtful that anyone would make this mistake. On Twitter, Trifonov claimed installs in "over 150 companies and over 250 matches," if you'll believe that.

Now, the app is hidden away, Feeld has gotten the publicity from its stunt and we can all move on.

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