Watch Microsoft’s Build Day 2 keynote in under 7 minutes

"Windows PCs ❤️ all your devices.”

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While yesterday's Build keynote was almost purely developer focused, today's presentation fest dove deeper into Microsoft's consumer offerings. We learned about the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, the next big upgrade for the OS that'll bring in a slew of features connected to the Microsoft Graph. The key takeaway? They should make it even easier for you to work across Windows, iOS and Android hardware. We also got a brief glimpse at Microsoft's new style paradigm, Fluent Design System, which makes it simpler for developers to build apps that work across new types of devices (while packing in some new visual flourishes).

The biggest surprise of the day: iTunes is coming to the Windows Store. It's the first Apple app to make its way to Microsoft's storefront, and it could be a sign that other major apps will follow. We also got our first glimpse at Microsoft's Mixed Reality Controllers, which will accompany its new MR headsets this fall.

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