Elon Musk's underground traffic tunnel looks like hyperspace

This could be way faster than skipping bathroom breaks during a road trip.

The Boring Company

Elon Musk works fast. Just last month the Tesla CEO was showing off a concept video for how his solution to gridlocked traffic: a giant underground tunnel where rapidly propelled cars travel point A to point B on car-carrying sleds. Now we have footage of a recent test, using real cameras and a real tunnel. Of the Instagram video, Musk warned that it might cause motion sickness or seizures thanks to the rapid acceleration and flashing lights.

It's hard to gauge if the sled is traveling at Musk's promised 125 MPH, but if the tunnel's lights are any indication, it looks a lot more expedient than sitting on the freeway during rush hour. Musk says that a trip between Westwood (where UCLA is headquartered) and Los Angeles International Airport via his tunnel system would take all of five minutes.

So yeah, it'd probably take you longer to get through security than it would to actually arrive at LAX with one of these. The future is a wild place, y'all.