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Recommended Reading: What if there were a PBS of social networks?

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Robin Marchant via Getty Images

What if there were a publicly-funded social network open to all that provided a diverse world view rather than an echo chamber catered to one's deeply-held principles? Sounds like a great idea. The Atlantic makes the case for the PBS of social networks, including why it's needed and what it might look like.

LVMH and the Next Big Digital Shopping Experience
Elizabeth Paton, The New York Times

LVMH was resistant to digital shopping, but with the rise of Amazon, even luxury brands are having to adapt.

Hanging by a Thread: How the Online Nerdy T-shirt Economy Exists in an IP World
Ryan Parker, Ars Technica

The plight of an online t-shirt company that relies on an industry that's quick to issue DCMA takedowns over intellectual property.

The Story Behind the PS VR Aim Controller
Sid Shuman, PlayStation Blog

A closer look at the PlayStation VR Aim Controller and how it works with FPS virtual reality