No, Twitter won't add an edit button if you retweet some dude

It's fake, folks.

Dado Ruvic / Reuters

It's a strange age when one person can retweet their way to a lifetime of free Wendy's nuggets, but some social media messages just can't be amplified into making change. Especially when they're fake. In case there was any doubt, Twitter has confirmed that the supposed screenshot promising an 'edit tweet' function if a message gets 450,000 retweets isn't legitimate.

"As a number of the replies to the Tweet suggest, this is fake," a Twitter spokesperson told Engadget over email. The tweet in question screencaps a purported response from Twitter's Support account saying that 450,000 retweets will get the ball rolling on the editing feature. You'd think the mischievous user would aim a little higher -- the free nugget dream needed over 3.4 million retweets to become reality.