Google Cast beams Daydream VR to your TV

It'll be trivial to share virtual experiences with your friends.


As slick as Google's Daydream VR can be at times, there's a simple problem: you can't easily share your experiences with others. That's about to get better. When the Daydream 2.0 Euphrates update arrives, it'll include support for Google Cast -- if you want to share a game or a 360-degree video on your TV (or other video devices), you just have to pick a source and start streaming. You won't usually get the immersive stereoscopic effect, of course, but this could be important for everything from education to social situations.

The upgrade will also offer support for capturing screenshots or video that you can promptly share on social networks. It's a simple addition, but it could mean a lot for increasing the spread of VR. It's hard to convey what you're experiencing when you can't even share it in a tweet -- now, many more people will know what they're missing.

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