Lenovo debuts back-to-school laptops before school's even out

Thinner IdeaPads, a beefier Flex and one enormous gaming laptop.


As spring turns into summer, so must PC manufacturers begin thinking about harshing our collective buzz by talking about the fall. Lenovo, for instance, is announcing its new laptop lineup ahead of Back To School season, reminding us all that good weather and clear skies are only, ever, fleeting. Sic transit gloria mundi.

At the lower end of the spectrum, the company has refreshed its IdeaPad range of 14, 15 and 17-inch laptops. The machines have been designed to deliver good performance with a sleeker, thinner, less cluttered design. There's plenty of customization options available, too many to detail here, but for the most part you're getting a Windows 10 machine that'll run anything up to a Core i7 CPU. Prices for these devices begin a $440 for the 15-inch IdeaPad 320, running all the way to $970 for the 14-inch IdeaPad 720S.

Up a shelf in Lenovo's mythical laptop warehouse is a pair of new Lenovo Flex 5 models, which measure in at 14 and 15-inches, respectively. Both of the Yoga-esque models will ship with Windows 10 and NVIDIA GeForce GT940MX graphics with 2GB of DDR5. Optional extras include a 4K display and active pen support, with pricing for the smaller of the two starting at $720, while the larger will set you back at least $830.

Completing the list is Lenovo's top-of-the-line Legion Y920, a 17-inch VR-ready laptop that's aimed squarely at the gaming market. The desktop replacement ships with NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 1070 with 8GB of DDR5, 17.3-inch display and a backlit mechanical keyboard. Just be advised that it won't be for the faint of heart or the light of wallet, since the Y920 starts at a fairly solid $2,700. That model, as with the IdeaPads, will be available to buy from June, while the Flex models go on sale at some point this month.