Cartoon Network beams 'Powerpuff Girls' to your TV with Chromecast

Android and iOS apps add the feature for watching shows on a bigger screen.

Getty Images for Turner Broadcasting

Cartoon Network is about to make some people very happy. The TV channel has updated its Android and iOS apps with support for Chromecast streaming, which it says was a highly requested feature by fans. In case you're not familiar with how Google's $35 dongle works, Cartoon Network's apps will now let users push episode streams from their mobile device to a nearby Chromecast-connected TV, all with a simple tap of the "Cast" button.

As a bonus, Carton Network also added 40 new stickers to its app, with designs from shows like Adventure Time, The Powerpuff Girls, Steven Universe Teen Titans Go!, and more. The bad news, if you're into that, is this is only for iOS users. You can grab the updated CN application now from the App Store or Google Play.