'Nex Machina' brings co-op robot slaughter to the couch June 20th

Get ready to ruin a few friendships.

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Developer Housemarque's ode to Robotron: 2048, Nex Machina, finally has a release date: June 20th on both PC and PlayStation 4. And if you were a fan of what you played in the beta but thought it was missing something, maybe that je ne sais quoi was couch-play with a buddy. "Local co-op will allow two players to play side by side, just like in the old school arcade halls, competing or helping each other out," the developer writes on the PlayStation Blog. It's something Housemarque has included in its previous games, sometimes as a post-launch add-on, but here it'll be a part of the experience on day one. Want a preview of how the voxel-based madness will play out next month? Peep the trailer below.

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