Amazon's Echo Look app is ready for your fashionable selfies

The Android and iOS apps put a personal lookbook in your pocket.

Amazon still hasn't said when it plans to ship its new Echo Look camera, but it appears that will be happening very soon. The company has started rolling out companion iOS and Android apps for the device, which costs $200 and is only available via invite to Prime customers -- at least for the time being. To refresh your mind, Echo Look is an Alexa-powered camera for people who want to take pictures or videos of their daily outfits, enhanced by an artificial intelligence algorithm that'll learn your habits and make clothes recommendations based on that.

The iOS and Android apps are going to bring all of that together, putting your very own lookbook in your pocket. Naturally, you'll be able to share your pictures with friends, family or other loved ones -- if you're into that sort of thing. You can download the Echo Look application from the App Store and Google Play right now, though there's not much you can do without the device itself.