Nevada would allow in-stadium mobile bets at Raiders games

Don't be surprised if the NFL cracks down, however.

Sam Wasson/Getty Images

When the Raiders start playing football in Las Vegas, their stadium lease will officially ban the team from offering bets or other forms of gambling in the building. Don't tell that to the Nevada Gaming Commission, though. Its officials understand that there's nothing in the lease precluding the use of mobile betting apps on the facility's grounds, even if you're already in your seat. The NFL tells ESPN that the Raiders will have to "abide by League rules," but the Commission says it hasn't been asked to make any policy decisions so far.

We've asked the NFL to elaborate, but it's not making any commitments at this point. "It's an item we will look into over the next few years," a spokesperson says.

Most daily fantasy sports services like DraftKings and FanDuel don't operate in the state, since they'd need a gambling license. However, the terms would permit straightforward bets.

There's certainly time for the NFL to change its mind between now and the time the Raiders first play in the stadium, which is likely to be sometime in 2020. It wouldn't take much to require geofencing that blocks betting apps and websites whenever you're nearby, and the league has a history of cracking down on bets even for games in the UK, where betting is legal. For now, though, the lack of a clear ban creates an unusual situation: the NFL may have to contend with Raiders crowds who are at least as interested in making a profit as they are watching the game.