Welcome to Tomorrow, the home of stuff that hasn’t happened yet

Let's talk about the future.

Matthew Lyons/Engadget

It was just about a month ago that Christopher Trout put up a post on Engadget introducing himself as our new editor-in-chief. Since then, we've been busy drilling down into the areas we cover best: consumer electronics ("gear"), gaming and entertainment, with the odd story on politics, culture or science, when it makes sense. Today, we're tying it all together with the launch of a new section on our site, about the future of, well, everything.

So often, consumer tech is about the near future: iterative updates and products you can buy now or very soon. With Tomorrow, we turn our attention to the unknown. Tomorrow shines a light on the products, technologies ideas and people that will drastically change the way we live. Think: lab-grown organs, commercial space flight, robot companions, flying cars -- all of it years or even decades away. These stories will fall into our gear, gaming and entertainment buckets (or sometimes a different category entirely), but they will all have this in common: They will help bring the future into focus.

This isn't our first time reporting on the future -- see our coverage of next-level VR storytelling or that time we traveled to Hawaii to tell you how Tesla plans to alter the future of the electric grid. In addition to reported stories, we've also dipped our toes into longer-form video, including this feature on an AI poker champion and a documentary about cyborg athletes, which went on to be nominated for a Webby Award.

Starting today, we're also investing in in-depth storytelling, with guidance from features editor extraordinaire Aaron Souppouris and our newly hired associate features editor, Chris Ip. Together, with help from our roster of writers, Aaron and Chris will produce stories and videos whose formats run the gamut from explainers to narrative storytelling to investigative reports. By the by, if you're a freelancer with a flair for long-form and a strong understanding of the tech world, Aaron is now accepting pitches. Hit him up at

To mark the occasion of both our Tomorrow launch and our new-and-improved features program, we have a dozen stories about the future going up on Engadget this week, with topics including sex, warfare, video games, big data, solar energy, space, robotics, fashion, media and transportation. Some of them are in-depth, including Jessica Conditt's feature on the future of nuclear weapons, and an essay from Daniel Cooper on how sexual-assault laws must evolve to keep pace with a rapidly evolving tech landscape. And we'll be following up with a few features every month after, while our Tomorrow section will be updated daily.

Enjoy! And stay tuned for more from the distant future.

Welcome to Tomorrow, Engadget's new home for stuff that hasn't happened yet. You can read more about the future of, well, everything, at Tomorrow's permanent home and check out all of our launch week stories here.