Twitter’s new interactive cards help you slide into brands’ DMs

Just what you wanted.

Kacper Pempel / Reuters

Twitter has been working hard to find new ways for brands and advertisers to connect with its users, especially since becoming a public company in 2013. Hey, shareholders need to make that money. But while customer service experiences are clearly a major focus for the social network, its latest business feature is more about brands luring you into their DMs with "fun and engaging" promoted tweets. With the new Direct Message Card, advertisers can create up to four customizable actions and pair them with images or videos to, hopefully, get you to click and see their pitch.

For example, Patrón Tequila, one of the brands experimenting with Direct Messages Cards, is launching a campaign that lets people engage with its messaging bot, Bot Tender, by simply answering a few questions about where they'd like to consume some cocktails. If you click to respond, Patrón then creates a personalized drinks recommendations based on your answer to whether you prefer to drink tequila at a pool, party, cookout or somewhere in a mountain. What's next? Wendy's asking if you dip french fries in a vanilla or chocolate shake?