Watch SpaceX re-launch used Dragon capsule for the first time (updated)

The cargo resupply mission is scheduled to launch from Kennedy Space Center tonight.

Today, SpaceX will launch another Falcon 9 rocket on a resupply trip to the International Space Station. However, it's the first time the group will use a refurbished Dragon cargo capsule for one of its missions -- a capsule that's already been to space and back.

This particular Dragon capsule was used to deliver supplies to the ISS in September 2014 and landed in the Pacific Ocean upon return. It's been tweaked back into working order and is set to deliver SpaceX's 11th ISS cargo load. The company has big plans for its Dragon capsules. Along with recycling them for resupply trips, SpaceX hopes to use them for manned missions well.

The launch is scheduled for 5:55pm EDT from NASA's Kennedy Space Center with a backup launch date Saturday, June 3rd at 5:07pm. SpaceX will also attempt its 15th Falcon 9 landing. You can watch the launch and landing here, on NASA TV, or on SpaceX's website starting at 5:15pm.

Update: The launch was cancelled due to lightning. The next attempt will be on Saturday, June 3rd at 5:07pm EDT.