Apple might give iOS 11 a real file system

A placeholder for the “Files” app made a brief App Store appearance.

Those wanting more control over file storage on their iPhones may be in for some good news later today. A placeholder for a new "Files" app showed up in the App Store.

When it comes to storing files, iOS hasn't been terribly useful. Current options include iCloud Drive and popular outside systems like Dropbox, but as for a native iOS storage option, Apple hasn't really provided. For Apple users looking for more file-management control and particularly those wanting to use its iPad Pro model as a laptop stand-in, "Files" is welcome news.

The placeholder for the app, which appears to have been taken down sometime after Steve Stroughton Smith tweeted about it, is said to require iOS 11.0 or later, meaning it's likely the new app will come along with the iOS 11 software update whenever it's released.

Details about the "Files" app are scarce at the moment, but more information could be announced today during the WWDC keynote. You can follow Engadget's coverage of the event, which kicks off at 10AM Pacific / 1PM Eastern, here.