Microsoft's Outlook mobile apps help you edit your contacts

Microsoft's Android and iOS apps finally offer contact editing.

Believe it or not, Microsoft's Outlook app for Android and iOS hasn't let you add or edit contacts -- you've had to turn to your PC or the web for that. At last, though, common sense prevails. As of now, you can add and edit your and Office 365 contacts through the iOS app (Android and Google contacts are "coming soon"). You can go to the People section to add details yourself, or add people from events, messages and your company directory. Also, Outlook lets you save those contacts to your phone's native list so that you won't be surprised when they give you a call.

Contact cards themselves are getting a makeover, we'd add. They now highlight key details (like email addresses and phone numbers) and display recent conversations or meetings, so you'll have some context when a familiar-sounding name shows up in your inbox. These are simple additions, but they could make the difference between relying on Outlook or switching to an app that covers more of the fundamentals.