The iPad is now the best Apple device for music

The headphone jack persists.

Apple unveiled a larger entry-level iPad Pro. At 10.5 inches, folks that love working on a touchscreen are going to be ecstatic to have all that extra real estate. Plus, with iOS 11 coming this fall with its fancy multi-tasking and customizable dock, it'll much easier to convince your friends that you don't need an actual laptop to get your work done. But in addition to a larger display and more memory, the iPad kept something that your iPhone lost last fall, the headphone jack.

In fact, the entire iPad line still has the most universally used port in the world to deliver music to your ears. Wanna jam to some Apple Music radio stations with your dope new Grados without a dongle, you're set.

Maybe Apple realizes that the really busy people that work on the iPad Pro don't have time to go searching in their bag for a dongle whenever they want to listen to Apple executive Dr Dre's seminal album Chronic while toggling between apps. Have you ever tried to put together a presentation without listening to "Let Me Ride?" It's impossible.

So, even though the iPhone is touted by Apple as the best portable music solution, it's the iPad that keeps the headphone jack, and headphone lovers happy. Maybe it's because the iPad has way more room inside its shell to accommodate the port. The iPhone is tiny. Well smaller. It's tough getting all the parts in there even though Apple accomplished that feat up until the iPhone 7.

But remember, the iPhone got a battery life bump after killing the headphone jack. Of course using a Bluetooth headset sort of displaces that gain in energy storage. Buy hey, dongles!

When it comes down to it, removing the audio port from the iPhone remains an odd choice from a company that ended its WWDC keynote highlighting the importance of music to its history.

So plug your new iPad into anything music related. It's your new digital jukebox that works everywhere and with everything. Hell, you can even use Bluetooth audio. Of course, it's going to be tough to shove that huge display into your pocket, but you'll figure it out. All it takes is a little shoving and something else... I forget the word.. Courage? Nah, that's not it. Oh well, enjoy your tunes.

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