Nintendo hasn't forgotten about 'Pokémon' on the 3DS

'Ultra' versions of 'Sun' and 'Moon' and Virtual Console reissues abound.

Okay, so, today's brief Nintendo Direct didn't reveal the Switch version of Pokemon Sun and Moon, but if you aren't a fan of traditional fighting games and still prefer the 3DS to the Switch (see: battery life) there was still some silver lining for you from today's Pokémon Direct. Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be released November 17th. The pair will feature pocket monsters not found in the original releases and a different story, along with new features that "will allow you to enjoy your adventure even more, making this truly an 'ultra' title," according to the video. Sure! So, while they're definitely the "latest installments," they really aren't 100 percent new per se.

More than that, Pokémon Gold and Silver are making their way from the annals of history -- the Gameboy Color, to be exact -- to the 3DS Virtual Console. They'll also be compatible with the Pokémon Bank app and will be released on September 22nd, the same day as Pokken Tournament on Switch. There weren't any further details regarding the handheld Pokemon, but with E3 starting this weekend, that's bound to change pretty shortly.