Pokémon fighter 'Pokken' is coming to Nintendo Switch

It's not 'Pokémon Stars', but we'll take it.

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Nick Summers
June 6th, 2017
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Nintendo is bringing a Pokémon game to the Switch, but it's not the one you were hoping for. Fighting game Pokken Tournament, which lets you throw down as Gengar, Blaziken and a bunch of other critters (you can even fight as Pikachu in a libre wrestling outfit), will be hitting the system on September 22, 2017. Like Mario Kart 8, it'll be branded DX (Deluxe) and come with a few enhancements for Pokefans. These include Darkrai, Scizor, Empoleon, Croagunk, and Decidueye, as well as three-on-three team battles, online ranked matches and friend-only group fights.

Otherwise, it's the same game that came out on the Wii U a little over a year ago. With the Switch, of course, you can take it on the move, and you'll have the option to play with a pair of Joy-Cons shared between two people. Seasoned players will no doubt prefer a proper gamepad, but it's a neat option if your friends don't own the game or Nintendo's latest system. The company had a few more surprises during today's Nintendo Direct, but none of them were Pokémon Stars, the much-rumored Pokémon Sun and Moon port for Nintendo Switch. Maybe, just maybe, we'll get that at E3.

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