Apple now insures your Mac in case of spills and drops

But be prepared to pay for the privilege.

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AppleCare is Apple's extended warranty program for almost all of its products, while AppleCare+ covered iOS devices specifically. That little plus sign is important, too, since it protects your beloved iPhone and iPad against accidental damage. So it's pretty big news that, as of this week, AppleCare+ is now available for Macs, protecting your pricey desktop and laptops against trips, spills and falls.

Much like its near-namesake, AppleCare+ for Mac covers your device for three years at a pop, including telephone support. The company will look after you for two accidents during that time, although each one still carries a hefty premium. Should you break your screen or dent your external enclosure, you'll pay $99, while anything more severe is priced at $299.

The desktops are the cheapest to insure, with the Mac Mini setting you back $99, while an iMac is $169 and the Mac Pro costs $249. Laptop-wise, the MacBook and Air models are priced at $249, while the 13-inch MacBook Pro is $269 and the 15-incher is $379. Then again, if it's a choice between AppleCare+ or shelling out the better part of three grand on a new laptop, three or four Benjamins is preferable.

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