Turtle Beach’s new headsets pair seamlessly with Xbox One

And over Bluetooth for everything else.

When we think of gaming headsets, our minds run screaming toward Turtle Beach, the clear leader in the space. In the run up to E3, the company is wheeling out a pair of new headsets that are compatible with both the Xbox One(s) and PlayStation 4. It's people in the former camp who may be more inclined to check out these products, since they ship with Microsoft's relatively new Xbox Wireless connection tech. Because of that, these cans can easily pair with your XBox One, S or (whatever they wind up calling) the upcoming "Scorpio" console.

Anyone familiar with how numbers work can guess that the 600 is the lower-end model of the range, packing wireless surround sound, glasses-friendly design and customizable sound. The Stealth 700, on the other hand, comes with all of the above, plus active noise cancellation and Bluetooth as standard. Both are available to pre-order from today, but won't begin shipping until September, with the 600 setting you back $99.95/£90 and the 700 priced at $149.95/£130.

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