Hand-drawn side-scroller 'Cuphead' arrives on September 29th

All those years of development are finally coming to fruition.

The development of Cuphead has been prolonged, to put it mildly (we first saw it back in 2014), but it's finally here... almost. Studio MDHR and Microsoft have announced that the 1930s-style side-scroller will be available for Xbox One and Windows PCs on September 29th. The release date isn't shocking when the developers had already pushed the game to 2017, but it's still a relief for those who've wondered whether the title would ever exist outside of trade show demos. Given the nature of the title, though, it's almost surprising that it's arriving as quickly as it has.

The game's centerpiece is its entirely hand-drawn art -- this is meant to feel like a classic Felix the Cat cartoon that you can play. And when Studio MDHR is really just two brothers (Chad and Jared Moldenhauer), there isn't exactly a huge team to speed up the creative process. Hopefully, the completed game reflects that extreme level of devotion.

Speaking of devotion, there's also a musical treat. Iam8bit is releasing a four-LP vinyl version of Cuphead's soundtrack, complete with period-appropriate album art -- even the individual sleeves make it look decades old. It's expensive at $100, but it could easily remain a conversation piece well after you've finished playing the game.

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