Humble Bundle sweetens its subscription with games that don't expire

You're getting more than surprise releases every month.

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Humble Bundle's monthly subscription is fine if you enjoy getting a surprise mix of big-name and indie games. But what if you'd like access to a more reliable catalog too? You're set as of this week. The $12-per-month service now includes access to the Humble Trove, an always-accessible collection of copy-protection-free games. The library includes the full selection of Humble Originals as well as a range of recognizable indies like Trine and Kimmy.

The Trove probably won't sway you all by itself; many of these games are the sort you frequently find in sales. They still add value to the subscription though, and the absence of copy protection means that your games should work long after you stop playing. Think of this as a bonus for signing up: You'll have plenty to play even if your membership is short-lived.

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