Microsoft's Modern Keyboard hides a fingerprint sensor

And there's a Modern Mouse to go with it.

Microsoft has quietly unveiled the Modern Mouse and Modern Keyboard, its next generation of Windows 10 input devices that match the latest Surface models in design and finish. Much like Apple's keyboard, the new model has "Chiclet"-style keys and aluminum frame that's heavy and "virtually indestructible," Microsoft says. The most interesting feature is a hidden fingerprint sensor located between the Alt and Ctrl keys so it won't interfere with the typing experience.

The keyboard, in a silver and gray finish, works either wired or via Bluetooth 4.0, with automatic pairing out of the box when you first connect the cable. It uses a rechargeable battery and is compatible with Windows 8-10, Windows 10 Phone, Android and macOS, as long as the device supports Bluetooth 4.0 or higher. Naturally, Microsoft promises it will work particularly well with its new Windows 10 Surface Studio, Pro and Laptop devices.

As for the Modern Mouse, it really looks a lot better than past models, with a smooth, rounded aesthetic, nearly invisible buttons and a metal scroll wheel. It also uses Bluetooth 4.0, and Microsoft promises "exceptional precision," though it didn't reveal an exact PPI rating. It requires a pair of (included) AAA alkaline batteries, and is compatible with most operating systems and devices that support Bluetooth 4.0.

The Modern Mouse costs $50 and and the Modern Keyboard is $130, and both devices are "coming soon." There are no press releases or other information on the devices, apart from the product pages and YouTube videos, so we've reached out for more information. Naturally, we're also curious to try them out and will endeavor to do that as soon as possible.