Fill your SteamVR Home lounge with gaming collectibles

Action figures and tchotchkes from participating titles unlock as you play their games.

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SteamVR established its Home as the service's launch screen last month, a digital lounge for players to customize as they pore through their game libraries. Now you can start filling it with collectibles you unlock while playing through their respective games, functioning like bragging rights as much as artistic flourishes for any friend you invite over.

The items are specifically from VR titles, and Steam partnered with studios to release models authentic to the characters, creatures and items appearing in those games. Virtual reality successes like Job Simulator and Fantastic Contraption alongside ten others (including Dota 2 and Serious Sam: The Last Hope) provided custom models to fill up your digital personal space or fit on your avatar. While there's no indication when the next batch will come, Valve's blog post indicates there will be more tchotchkes from other games.

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