'Stranger Things' action figures cash in on '80s nostalgia

Just don't expect all your favorite characters from the Netflix show.

Netflix's Stranger Things is ultimately one long nostalgia trip for kids from the '80s, so it only makes sense that it you'd see tributes to every last facet of '80s culture, right? Funko agrees. It's preparing Stranger Things action figures that are bound to rekindle memories of playing with GI Joe or She-Ra toys as a kid. The collection will include two packs of three figurines that mostly center around the kids at the heart of the series, complete with character-appropriate props. Eleven has a box of Eggo waffles, for instance, while Lucas is packing a slingshot.

Both packs will arrive in August at an unspecified price. They promise to be a delight if you're a fan of the Spielberg-inspired show, but we can imagine that the narrow selection of the packs (at least, in its initial form) will upset some fans. Where are other major characters like Jim, Joyce or (of course) Barb? That may give Funko an excuse to come back with another round of action figures, but completionists will have to sit tight for now.