Tidal’s ‘On Air’ podcast network features five exclusive shows

Their subjects range from Hip Hop and Latin Pop industry news to stand-up comedy.

Slaphead via Getty Images

Jay Z's forthcoming album isn't the only new content coming to Tidal this month. The streaming music site announced Tuesday that it is following the lead of Google Play, Deezer, and Spotify and now offering podcasts to its subscribers.

The company already has five acts lined up for what it's dubbed, TIDAL On Air. Angie Martinez and Minya "Miss Info" Oh will co-host "In Real Life" where, each month, they discuss "music, motherhood and everything else that happens off the clock." "Rap Radar" host Elliott Wilson is relaunching his influential podcast for Tidal with co-host Brian "B. Dot" Miller, which will air weekly.

Stefi Chacon is slated to interview the biggest names in Latin pop from Miami on her weekly podcast "En La Mira". And for the comedy nerds, Cipha Sounds' "The Guest Spot" will feature stand-up comics debating the topic du mois. Finally, legendary DJ Luis Jimenez has agreed to produce a number of specials for commemorative days like Hispanic Heritage Month and Colombian Independence Day for the service.

The first episodes of In Real Life, En La Mira and Rap Radar are all currently available for Tidal subscribers. The Guest Spot and Jimenez's specials will become available once they air.