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Custom-built diving mask takes snaps under the sea

Royal Caribbean is working on diving masks with Spectacles built-in for underwater footage.

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Royal Caribbean
Royal Caribbean

Spectacles have made sharing marginally exciting videos on land via Snapchat easier. It also helps that you no longer need to hunt down a vending machine to snag a pair in the US. But a custom diving mask built by Royal Caribbean cruise line using the social media's capture technology will make it easy to capture footage under the sea.

Called the SeaSeeker mask, the video and photo recording mask lasts for 30 minutes underwater at depths up to 150 feet. So it's perfect for scuba and free diving. Currently there are only a few masks available and Royal Caribbean has been testing them with marine biologist Gabriela Nava and wildlife photographer Roberto Ochoa. The company is hoping to have them available in the fall. So don't start hassling the crew on your cruise ship for a pair just yet.

But once they do start handing these out to tourists wanting to document their dives without having to carry a GoPro or other waterproof camera around, expect to see more random stickers and text floating over fish from your friends on vacation.

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