'Rocket League' is the latest X Games eSport on ESPN

Next month, ESPN will host a $75,000 tournament during X Games Minneapolis.


Driving giant RC cars around a soccer field and using them to bounce an equally gargantuan ball into the net sounds like the ultimate extreme sport. Unfortunately, Faceit and the X Games will only allow competition in a virtual version of that this year. Of course I'm talking about Rocket League. If you're cool with that, the pair have partnered for the Rocket League Invitational, which will be held in Minneapolis during ESPN's annual extreme sports festival.

The tournament has a $75,000 prize pool and the proceedings will be streamed on ESPN 3 -- we haven't gotten to ESPN 8 "the ocho" yet -- and "additional platforms." Twitch being one of those is a pretty safe bet, but the involved parties promise to have more details regarding the matter soon. Previously, the X Games has hosted Counter-strike and Halo 5 tournaments. This year's festivities run from July 14th to the 16th.