Dating app Hinge is back on Android after nine-month break

'If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, its yours forever.'

Android fans haven't been able to use the Hinge dating app for around nine months, but that's all changing. The relationship-minded dating app is now available on Google's mobile OS. Hinge says based on its previous Android user-base that it expects that to grow by 30 percent from current numbers. Which in turn means better chances at finding long-term love. What's more, the company says that its amount of daily active users has grown by 50 percent in the last two months alone -- more potential matches can only be a good thing for everyone involved regardless of what software their phone runs.

If you're tired of swiping mindlessly through the bots on Tinder, getting spammed with lascivious messages, or matches not messaging you first on Bumble, maybe give Hinge a shot. Looking to the future, the app will open to more markets with Android-heavy presences, so, servicing developing countries doesn't sound like a stretch of the imagination. If you don't find the app at first by name, you might have to do a Cmnd/Ctrl+F search for it on Google Play's web store.