This little delivery robot is carrying a belly full of sushi

The adorable autonomous vehicle can deliver food for up to 60 people, but only in Japan.

If you thought that food-delivery robots originated in futuristic, 'bot-obsessed Japan, you'd be wrong. In fact, delivery robots showed up in San Francisco, London and Los Angeles first. Now, however, cute little red sushi-delivery 'bots from ZMP are headed to the office parks and non-sidewalk areas of Japan, according to a report on RocketNews24.

The Japanese robotics company ZMP has created a cute little red robot that can apparently hold food for up to 60 people. Originally created in 2014 to deliver food to folks who can't get out to do their own shopping, the three-foot-tall CarriRo Delivery 'bot can autonomously navigate walkways with the use of cameras and laser sensors. It can travel up to 3.73 miles per hour, which is like a fast walk if you're human. Plus? It has little headlights for nighttime deliveries. The robotics company has partnered with Ride On Express, which carries the popular sushi brand Gin no Sara.

Current Japanese law isn't super clear on allowing autonomous robots into public sidewalks, so the current plan is to only operate the CarriRo in private areas, like office parks and the like. Hopefully, though, once the legalities are dealt with, Japanese pedestrians may encounter these little red 'bots zipping to and fro to deliver sushi to folks all around the city.